K’iche’ Print Materials


Third grade textbook – Guatemala Ministry of Education

This third grade level K’iche’ textbook was authored by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education to assist children in K’iche’ language learning. Exercises for learning K’iche’ with Spanish instruction, as well as illustrated children’s stories in written K’iche’ are scattered throughout the text. This is a good resource for beginner and intermediate students of K’iche’ and for K’iche’ instructors. The open access pdf is 145 pages long and may take 1-2 minutes to download.


Editorial Maya’ Wuj

Editorial Maya’ Wuj is a publication service located in Guatemala City that produces didactic material in Maya indigenous languages including K’iche’ and Kaqchikel Maya. They produce books for Maya language teaching and learning, but also focus on promoting Maya identity and intercultural understanding through the production of novels and stories, as well. They are an indigenous-owned business that actively works to promote Maya language learning in the majority of Maya languages spoken in Iximulew. Though the majority of their content is printed, they also have a number of audiovisual materials for language learning.

General Resources

Academia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala

The ALMG offers a Normative Grammar textbook that reviews the concepts necessary for understanding the mechanics of K’iche’. Learners can review the grammatical concepts for developing more complex sentences and expressions.

Universidad Rafael Landívar de Guatemala

This Guatemalan university offers a K’iche’ Grammar Textbook from 1988 and a more updated Pedagogical Grammar Textbook from 2004. These resources are meant to guide students and instructors in the best way to learn and teach K’iche’.


K’iche’ Choltzij–K’iche’ Vocabulary (Academia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala)

Kiche-Spanish Dictionary (Catholic Church of Guatemala)

Spanish – K’iche’ Glossary of Legal Terms (Universidad Landivar)

Spanish – K’iche’ Illustrated Dictionary (Universidad de Guadalajara )

K’iche’ – Spanish Audio Dictionary (Swarthmore University)